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Member Companies

Our member companies are the heart of the St. Louis region's thriving science and technology sector:


AgIdea helps agriculture companies make informed decisions around their pre-commercial technologies. Its team is determined to be a global player in the ag technology market that will feed future generations. Read more


Arvegenix researches, develops, grows, processes and sells innovative, renewable bioenergy and biochemical products and technology. Its target crop is Thlaspi arvense, also known as field pennycress. Read more


Benson Hill
Benson Hill Biosystems is an agricultural biotechnology company dedicated to delivering substantial production gains to the agriculture sector by advancing biotech-based traits to increase intrinsic yield. Read more


BioMed Protect
BioMed Protect was founded in 2010 as a life sciences company that researches and develops essential products for the healthcare, critical care, environmental remediation, and other related industries. Read more


Blue Orb Solutions
Blue Orb Solutions is a research-based agrochemicals and biotechnology company which focuses on innovation. The organization addresses the challenges of food security and improving livelihoods by rehabilitating the natural resources base through friendly nano-technologies development. Read more

Crazy for Education is an eLearning and online tutoring system for K-12 students. The system automates the process of crowdsourcing educational lessons from teachers on a global scale. Read more


DealieDo LLC
DealieDo®, established in 2010, is an all-electronic cardless loyalty system delivering targeted grocery store manager specials to the smartphones of shoppers by retail location and shopping preference. Itdirectly integrates into the electronic inventory management system and electronic cash register software used by the majority of grocery stores throughout North America. Read more

Galera Therapeutics

Galera Therapeutics
Galera Therapeutics is a private, clinical-stage biotech company focused on the development of breakthrough drugs targeting the oxygen metabolic pathways. While the biology of its lead compounds suggests a broad range of potential applications, Galera is initially focusing its development on the prevention of radiation-induced toxicity and the treatment of fibrosis and cancer. Read more


iNOVOTEC Animal care
iNOVOTEC Animal Care was incorporated September 2012 to bring products to the agricultural enterprise that enhance efficiency and increase production of foods and related products. The company is bringing its first product to market in the Americas through a research, development and commercialization alliance with smaXtec Animal Care. Read more

Intact Genomics
Intact Genomics provides large-insert DNA cloning related services and products to help scientists explore the genome structure and function of microorganisms, plants, and animals. The company also applies BAC technology in matagenomics research to develop new solutions for agricultural research, drug discovery and environmental protection. Read more

Ionic Transport Assays

Ionic Transport Assays
Ionic Transport Assays is a pioneer in Cardiac Safety Pharmacology Testing, dedicated to answering consumer's cardiovascular safety and pharmacology questions with action potential measurements of stem cell derived human heart cells. Ionic assists clients in clarifying risk assessment versus therapeutic potential of animal and cellular laboratory experiments, and helps them prepare and submit regulatory documents such as INDs and NDAs. Read more

Jasun Technologies

Jasun Technologies
Jasun Technologies is a St. Louis-based consulting firm, providing design and construction support services for public and private clients in a wide range of civil engineering and construction management. The company’s civil engineering expertise includes: transportation, site development, storm water management, water quality, and sanitary sewer. Read more


A genetics and breeding technology company, Kaiima Bio-Agritech developed a proprietary, non-GMO platform called EP. EP technology unlocks a new paradigm in crop productivity by inducing novel elite diversity with the genome, using the plant's own DNA. Read more

Kultevat has an aggressive program of breeding, crop improvements, and strain selection for industrially relevant dandelion varieties. Kultevat’s crop system serves agricultural markets in a number of ways, primarily by the production of rubber and mixed sugar feedstocks for the production of biofuels. Read more

Martin-O'Neill Group
The Martin-O'Neill Group is a professional executive recruiting firm specializing in information technology, biotech (plant and life sciences), telecommunication, research, and sales/marketing. Read more

Mayflower BioScience

Mayflower Bioscience
Mayflower Bioscience commercializes unique biological reagents and assays to accelerate biological research and drug discovery. These products are sourced internationally and from within the United States to address the U.S. life science market for degenerative medicine, regenerative medicine and biomarker technologies. Read more


MediBeacon is an optical diagnostic company focused on providing clinicians critical information to improve patient care. The Optical Renal Function Monitor is MediBeacon's initial product focus within its broader portfolio. Read more


S4 (formerly Solapa4) is one of the fastest-growing AgTech startups in Argentina. AgTech companies like S4 develop data analytics to decision-making tools that can both improve agricultural yield and manage risk. Read more


Soy Labs
Soy Labs is a cutting-edge nutraceutical company dedicated to improving consumer health products by supplying innovative natural ingredients and formulations to the nutrition industry. Soy Labs is positioned to deliver the latest in soybean technology for the health benefit of consumers worldwide. Read more


Splice Machine
Splice Machine is the first Transactional Database for Hadoop. Splice Machine enables you to build Big Data applications with all the benefits of NoSQL databases while still leveraging standard SQL. The result: massive scalability, flexible schema, fault tolerance and high availability along with easy integration to BI tools. Read more


Working Security
Working Security is an independent provider of information security risk management, compliance, governance, and privacy services including: completion of HIPAA risk, assessments, implementation of security rule standards, development of security policies, product privacy engineering and ongoing incident management support. Read more