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Helix Value Overview

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Customize the right kind of wet lab, dry lab and office space you need at Helix Center Biotech Incubator. We work with you to maximize floor plans to suit your unique requirements and can accommodate you as your company grows. With highly competitive, affordable rental rates, you get extraordinary value.

Helix Center advantages include:

  • MediBeaconAffordable, competitive prices for high quality office and wet/dry lab space
  • Labs equipped with fume hoods or snorkels, hazardous materials storage cabinets, sinks and eye wash stations and select casework
  • Shared lab resources, including freezers, autoclave, and glass washing equipment, ice machine, water purification system and tissue culture room
  • Conference rooms for meetings, community kitchen and gathering area, shower and bike storage room
  • Energy efficient systems, daylight views and skylights

An outstanding work environment awaits you at Helix Center. The completely renovated building has natural light and beautiful views of greenspace; but more importantly, the two-story facility features the most up-to-date systems and technologies. It is equipped with areas for industry meetings, programs, seminars, and receptions, and it has ample free parking for tenants and guests. The Helix Center Biotech Incubator is certain to meet the needs of bioscience, technology and plant and life science enterprises.

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