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Ready. Set. Startup!

St. Louis Business Journal
May 4, 2012
by Vince Brennan

In recent years, St. Louis has become a hot bed for startup companies of all makes and sizes. Whether they are focused on technology, Internet applications or, in one case, brain-boosting energy drinks, local startups are making themselves known in their markets.

Thanks to organizations like the St. Louis County Economic Council and its launch of the $7.5 million life-science incubator called the Helix Center, and the St. Louis Arch Angels, who have invested $26 million in area startups since the group began in 2005, St. Louis is taking the next step to becoming a haven for startups.

So we created this section with the startup in mind. Not only do we profile a few local startups that have established themselves, we also introduce you to the five area companies that you need to know about. Rounding out our coverage are a pair of articles on the work that it takes behind the scenes to launch and maintain a startup. The first deals with the process of obtaining and securing a patent while examining new litigation that many startups face. The second details the work that local investors do to keep promising startups afloat financially.

As for the startups themselves, you might want to check back with the Business Journal to see how far they go.