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New Biotech Incubator Set to Augment St. Louis' Bioscience Prominence

The Leaflet
March 1, 2012

The Danforth Center and BRDG Park's placement at the epicenter of the burgeoning plant and life science 'node' in St. Louis County will soon be strengthened further with the opening of the Helix Center Biotech Incubator just west of the Center's campus this summer.

Located at 1100 Corporate Square Drive, the completely renovated, two-story building will offer affordable, high quality wet and dry lab space, offices and a conference center. The all-new 33,000-squarefoot incubator will focus on bioscience, technology and plant and life science startups, as well as professional service firms involved in these sectors. The Helix Center Biotech Incubator is owned and will be operated by the St. Louis County Economic Council.

The area around the Danforth Center is quickly becoming an attractive place for a variety of nascent bioscience companies because of the symbiotic relationships and resources that are offered in the vicinity. The Center's third mission point of making St. Louis a world center for plant science is directly reinforced by the formation of incubators like Helix.

Due to its location, not only does the Helix Center have the opportunity for collaborations with the Danforth Center (and potential access to its core facilities), but it is also in close proximity to BRDG Park (home to successful post-incubator and emerging companies), as well as Monsanto's world headquarters. Helix tenants will also have affordable access to a workforce of skilled bioscience lab technicians through the St. Louis Community College Center for Plant and Life Science, located on the BRDG Park campus.